How To Get Into Bouldering

Women learn how to bouldering indoor.

You might have watched a bouldering competition before, and you might have assumed that such competition was a challenging competition. Well, it would surely be, and it was not meant for the weaklings. Nevertheless, bouldering is fulfilling. Many best climbers engage in bouldering for the sake of enjoying it rather than to compete. Moreover, it … Read more

Tree climbing vs rock climbing

Differences between rock climbing and tree climbing.

Earlier this year, I was challenged by my friend to switch from rock climbing to tree climbing for a while. I readily acquiesced to his request, thinking that rock climbing is the same as tree climbing. Yet, to my surprise, there are nuances and differences between these two climbing types, and if you are a … Read more

How To Start Climbing Mountains

Group of mountain climbers on the top of mountain.

Humans have long been awed by the towering heights of mountains, and in the past, they had tried to scale lofty mountains for various reasons. The discovery of Ötzi’s remains in a glacier in the Ötztal Alps is proof that humans had been climbing mountains long before mountain climbing became a sport.  Many people engage … Read more