What to Bring & Wear on a Hike Date?

Couples went for a hiking date in a wood weather.

Any budding romantic relationship needs time of togetherness, and what better way to kindle a romantic fire than to go on hiking with your object of affection. Hiking as a date, of course, makes for a killer date. So, it will surely be a good idea to take your beloved on a hiking date. The whole point of a hiking date is to get to know the other person better. It will also provide you with an activity that would let you bond with each other deeper. 

Remember that romantic relationships start with a simple attraction. So, when you go on a hiking date, ensure that you wear clothes that make you look more charming and attractive. Once the object of your affection sees you as attractive and lovable, the process of falling for you becomes easy. So, it will be beneficial if you dress well and look your best during your hiking date.

What Should You Wear?

The clothes you wear during hiking speak more of yourself. Yet, what to wear usually depends on where you will hike. Below is a rundown of the getup you should be sporting when going on a hiking date: 

Shoes or Boots to Wear

Simplicity, they say, is beauty. But the appropriateness of clothes is also beautiful. So, don’t wear your sandals or flip-flops when hiking. You might wear specific sneakers, but it will be best to hike on your boots for better ankle support, traction, and stability. 

If your hiking trail involves crossing streams, it will be best to wear waterproof shoes instead of water-resistant ones.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers allows you to remove and add layers with ease during hiking. Remember that when you’re hiking, the weather can change abruptly from sunny to rainy. Moreover, the temperature can drop unexpectedly from daytime to nighttime. So, it will be best to dress in layers. 


You might be asking whether you can wear leggings on a hike. Yes, you can, and no one will discourage you from wearing one. However, it will be best to wear compression leggings, though they might not suit other types of trails. Moreover, you should not wear leggings on a long-distance trail.

What Should You Bring During Your Hiking Date?

Aside from wearing the appropriate dress when hiking, it will also help if you know what things you should bring on your hiking date. Below are the must-bring things you should have with you when you go on a hiking date:

Picnic Lunch

Your date might be expecting you to bring your picnic lunch. If you would hike in mid-morning or in mid-afternoon, which is the ideal time for hiking, you can pack some satisfying lunch along with some extra snacks. 

Bring your sandwiches and crackers along with cheese. Summer sausage can be a great option, as well as fruits and nuts. You can also bring with you chips and pretzels. You can also pack hummus which goes well with crackers or veggies. Plus, don’t forget your dessert and veggies.

Water and Drinks

When you hike, you will be sweating profusely. So, it will help if you bring enough water for the hike duration. You will need water and other fluids to replenish the fluids your body had lost during hiking. Extra water might also come in handy when cleaning something. 


Snacks would be precious likewise when you go on a hiking date. Hiking can make you burn more calories, making you more enervated and fidgety. So, you better bring in some snacks. Bring some protein bars or granola. You can likewise bring fresh fruits and peanut sandwiches. Take some snack breaks along the way to recharge and refuel yourself. 

Don’t Forget the Bug Spray!

Bugs will be all over you when you hike. So, you will need a dose of bug spray to ward away those nasty bugs and prevent diseases due to their bites. Day-light-biting mosquitoes might also be lurking around, so you should have some mosquito-repelling lotion.


Another must-have item is sunscreen. Any outdoor activity can expose your skin to damaging UV rays that could ruin your skin. You don’t want to end up with severe sunburn during your first hiking date. So, you should equip yourself with the best sunscreen. 

Don’t forget likewise to bring a cap to protect you from the heat of the sun. A good alternative for a hat is a scarf or head bandana. 

Protection from Cold

As mentioned above, the temperature can significantly fluctuate during your hiking, especially if you hike a mountainous trail. So, it will be best to prepare for the vicissitudes of temperature. Don’t forget your warm gloves and scarf, for they could come in handy when the temperature plummets. Bring your beanie likewise. 

First Aid Kit

Another must-have kit is the first-aid kit. The risks of injuries are not far-fetched when you go on hiking. So, the first-aid kit can come in handy in such an untoward incident.

What Should a Girl Wear on a Hiking Date?

As a girl, you should wear something that could make you look cute and lovely. Yet, your choice of dress will depend on who you will date likewise. If you are dating an avid hiker, you might not need to dress well, for your clothing might not matter to your date. You can wear sports clothes, which can make you look more appealing. 

You should aim to look cute and lovely without being overly dressed. Besides, you should wear something comfortable. Wear something like a shirt that dries fast, and complement it with a pair of hiking pants. 

Likewise, it will be best to wear excellent hiking shoes to protect your ankles and feet well. You can also wear a regular shirt if you don’t have quick-drying shirts. Choose something cottony because cotton can absorb water and sweat well. Nevertheless, cottony shirts might dry slowly. 

Don’t wear jeans when you are hiking. They would not make you feel comfortable and cause you to sweat a lot.

What Should Guy Wear on a Hiking Date?

As a guy, you need to wear something impressive. You can wear sporty clothes. They should also be comfortable. Moreover, you can wear a long-sleeve t-shirt or a regular t-shirt. Make sure that your clothes suit the weather. So, if you hike during summer, wear something with light color. Light color shirts will not absorb heat.

Meanwhile, if you hike during winter, you should not forget your jacket and wear a sweater underneath. You can also wear long pants or shorts. Short pants, of course, are best suited for summer hiking but might be a liability when you hike in grassy routes because they might expose your skin to irritation or bites from bugs and insects. 

Long pants, however, can provide your legs with more protection. Nevertheless, you should choose breathable long pants. You can also wear hiking pants if the weather is cold.

Which Hiking Trail Should You Choose and How Long Should It Be?

Well, the answers to these two questions depend on the stamina of your date. If you are a prolific and avid hiker, you should not assume that your date can also catch up with you. So, be considerate with your date. If it is your date’s first time hiking together, choose a day-hike for her. However, a hiking trail that is too short might leave you wanting more and a bit disappointed. 

Too long trails, however, might enervate both of you and make you both grumpy. So, if your date is just a starter, an hour or two of hiking is acceptable. Besides, you can plan for more extended hiking in your succeeding hiking dates.


The whole point of engaging in a hiking date is understanding and knowing your date more. Of course, if you go on a hiking date, you will indeed have enough time to converse and learn more about your date. It will help if you are in your best element during your hiking date. 

Wear clothes that could amplify your looks, be conversant during the date, and be witty enough to enliven the conversation. Nevertheless, the important thing is that you prepare yourself for any eventuality, for even your best-laid plan can go awry during the actual hiking date. 

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