Taking Your Dog Camping for the First Time

Bring a dog for a camping trip in the mountain.

So, you want to bring your beloved dog to the campground for the first time, and you want to know whether it is a good idea. Well, it is indeed a good idea. But whenever you would do something for the first time, it is reasonable to assess the pros and cons of such a decision. Bringing your dogs to outdoor adventures like camping could be fun and an excellent way to strengthen your bonding with your dog. 

Yet, it also comes with its concomitant disadvantages and risks. Besides, if it is your first time camping with your dog, you might become too excited and oblivious of the dangers that come with such a decision. You can minimize these risks if you are mindful of the succinct tips on camping out with your dog for the first time.

8 Tips for Camping with Your Dog

If it is your first-time camping with your dogs, you might be a bit excited and wary of the safety and comfort of your dog. You might also be at a loss about how to go about it, considering that it is the first time. Below are some succinct tips that can help you go through the camping process with ease and fewer risks:

Plan Everything Well and Do Simulation at Home?

Dogs differ from one another, and the type of dog you have will play a crucial role in the success and failure of your camping with your dog. Dogs, however, are generally sensitive to new stimuli. Besides, they might be averse to being confined inside a camping tent for the first time. So, it will help if you do a simulation of the camping tent setup at home. 

Begin with the setting up of a tent inside your house. Allow your dog to explore the tent in and out until your dog becomes comfortable with your tent. Then, once you think your dog is comfortable inside the tent, simulate the tent setup in your backyard. 

In this way, you can help your dog get familiar with sleeping outdoors. With this familiarization, you can keep your dog from barking all night long during the actual campout.

Select Dog-friendly Campsites

When deciding to camp with your dog, it will be best to select a dog-friendly campsite. It will be good to note that some campsites have strict rules about pets. So, it will help if you are mindful of these rules when you camp with your dog. 

It is necessary to choose a pet-friendly camping area before you even embark on your trip to the campsite. Pets are usually not allowed in backcountry areas, saved for developed areas and roadside campgrounds. 

You can check out the private campgrounds, national forests, and state parks, for more likely, these areas would allow camping with a dog. These campgrounds, however, might require you to keep your canine friend on a leash.

Avoid Leaving Your Dog Alone

It will be good to remember that you should not leave your dog alone, even for a few minutes. Of course, you can leave your dogs for several hours at home without worrying much. But when you’re camping, leaving your dog alone in the tent would be unacceptable. 

Even if you believe that your dog is the most behaved, your dog can become fidgety and troubled when left alone outdoors. Besides, lots of untoward incidents can happen if you do so. 

So, if you think you can’t keep an eye on your dog most of the time during your camping adventure, it will be best to leave your dog at home. Dogs, of course, require double attention when outdoors than when you’re at home. So, ensure that you keep an eye on your canine buddy all the time when you are camping.

Bring Dog Tether

As mentioned above, most campgrounds mandate that dogs be on a leash. So, you need to bring your dog’s leash when camping. In this way, you can set up the tent or attend to other innuendoes when setting up your tent. 

With your dog on a leash, you can let your dog unattended for a while as you fix your things. You should also not forget to bring a treat dispenser or chew toy to keep your dog entertained while you do other things.  

Bring More Food and Water than You would Need

It will be best to have more than what you need for food and water when you camp. You should also bring more dog food than your dog would usually consume. The reason is that your dog will be burning more energy. 

A rough estimate would be that your dog consumes fifty percent more food than it usually consumes. Likewise, you should not forget to bring a water bowl or a food bowl for your canine friend. Plus, you should not forget the extra treats to pat your dog in the back when it does behave well.

Don’t Forget Your First Aid Kit for Your Dog

Camping with your dog means you’ll be away from your dog’s favorite vet. Thus, it will be best to bring the first aid kit for your canine friend to ensure that you can quickly attend to any injury your dog will incur. 

A first aid kit for a dog might have similar materials as those of human first aid kits. Yet, they might also contain special bandages and other tools for animals.

Bring a Large Tent, Enough to Accommodate Everyone

When camping with your dog, one crucial consideration is your tent and its design. It should be large enough to accommodate your dog and other companions. If you camp outdoor, moreover, you can’t just leave your dog outside the tent during nighttime. 

So, you must be prepared to sleep with your dog inside the tent. If you are camping only with your dog, therefore, you should choose a tent good enough for both of you.

Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Towel

If you would hike during your campout, you might pass through some streams and walk along muddy trails with your dog. So, it will be best to give your dog a dry bath, and you’ll need a towel to dry your canine friend. With the towel at hand, you can keep your dog clean and dry after hiking.


The most preferred overnight travel or outdoor activity of most people is camping. Camping, of course, is the most dog-friendly method to explore with your dog without spending much on your getaway. As mentioned above, your dog’s senses will be exposed to myriads of stimuli during the camp out that might be overwhelming to your dog. 

So, before you engage in the actual campout with your dog, you need to simulate the outdoor camping setup to familiarize your dog with this setup. However, during the actual campout, you can follow the simple steps mentioned above to minimize the risks of camping with your dog. In this way, you and your dog can breeze through the camping process with minor problems and snags.

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