15 Types of Hiking Trails

Signs indicating different paths of hiking trails.

If it is your first time hiking, however, you might get so much excited and nervous at the same time. The reason might be that you are anxious about what might happen during the hiking, and you don’t know much about the trail. However, there are different types of hiking trails, and if you’re a … Read more

How Long Should You Wait Before Hiking After Rain?

Hiking on a mountain trail after rain.

If hiking is already a challenge, hiking after a downpour rain will be doubly challenging. However, hiking after rain comes with some benefits. First, the trail won’t be busy because many hikers want to avoid wet and slippery grounds. Moreover, you’ll see better and greener trees and plants when hiking after rain. Plus, you’ll notice … Read more

What to Bring & Wear on a Hike Date?

Couples went for a hiking date in a wood weather.

Any budding romantic relationship needs time of togetherness, and what better way to kindle a romantic fire than to go on hiking with your object of affection. Hiking as a date, of course, makes for a killer date. So, it will surely be a good idea to take your beloved on a hiking date. The … Read more

Guide on Camping With A Baby Sleeping

Family camping with a baby.

Suppose your hubby suggests that you go outdoors and camp with your cute baby; you might be taken aback. After all, you’ve been very meticulous in taking care of your baby since birth. And now, your hubby suggests you expose your baby to the harsh elements of nature. But is it a good idea to … Read more

Best Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet Women

Women with wide feet hiking through the hiking trail.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” said Lao Tzu, and I think this saying applies well to many women hikers out there. Yet, if you’re a woman with wide feet, how can you make that first step if you’re not comfortable with the shoes you’re wearing? The good thing is … Read more