Best Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet Women

Women with wide feet hiking through the hiking trail.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” said Lao Tzu, and I think this saying applies well to many women hikers out there. Yet, if you’re a woman with wide feet, how can you make that first step if you’re not comfortable with the shoes you’re wearing? The good thing is that many manufacturers nowadays recognize this issue besetting wide-feet women, and now they are addressing this problem, giving wide feet women many options. 

Of course, there were times when shoemakers were oblivious of this issue about wide feet women. So, women with wide feet had no choice before but to wear ill-fitting hiking shoes. But nowadays, many manufacturers are mindful of this issue, which translates into quality and better options for wide feet women. Moreover, they are now using innovative designs and advanced technology to develop better shoes for wide feet women.

Most Recommended Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet Women

You don’t need to wear ill-fitting shoes when you hike because you got excellent options at hand. But if you’re finding it hard to figure out the best-fitting shoes, you can check out the following most recommended hiking shoes for wide feet women:

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Boot

If you got wide feet, one excellent choice is the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Boot. These boots are amazing. They feature waterproof and full-grain leather. Moreover, you cannot go wrong with them. They hold up pretty well in all climate and weather types. 

These boots are also lightweight and don’t require a breaking-in. They are also very comfortable, and you will find it easy to hike in these boots. 

If you choose half-a-size up, these shoes will surely fit well. I’ve been using these boots, and they’ve kept my feet completely dry even when hiking on a heavily wet day.


  • Offers excellent water protection
  • Provides comfortable fit
  • Relatively less expensive
  • Comes with an amazing color selection
  • Lightweight


  • Better fit if you wear thick socks
  • Its double lacing hooks set might be a tripping hazard

Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

Another excellent option is the Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot. This pair of boots is waterproof. Moreover, its soles come with grippers that you would surely appreciate. These boots fit ideally using a pair of warm hiking socks. 

Besides, you’ll find your toes capable of moving without feeling sloppy. This pair of boots provide good ankle support and stability when you engage in uneven terrain. 

Honestly, they are very comfortable to wear, and you can wear them for several hours without soring your feet. It got padding around the ankle, and its tongue is comfortable but not bulky. Its shaft measures around 4.5.” 


  • Offers excellent quality
  • Waterproof
  • Sizes usually run large, making them perfectly fit for wide feet


  • Not readily available from online sellers
  • Might not be very breathable

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is another excellent option for women with wide feet. You can order a size one-half inch above your average boot size to ensure a perfect fit. It comes in a waterproof style which would feel tighter on your feet. 

You might find the toe box a bit smaller, and hence, it requires a bit of breaking in. It also comes with a shank and a slight heel that could provide you with extra grip on slippery terrains. 

Moreover, it comes with a more pronounced arch support. Its design also optimizes your spine posture. So, you might feel a bit of slight adjustment in your hip muscles and spine when wearing this pair of boots.


  • Comes with a breathable design
  • Exhibits rugged lug pattern
  • Offers excellent ankle support
  • Waterproof style
  • Optimizes your spine posture and hip muscles


  • Sizes might run small
  • Relatively expensive

Nevados Klon Mid Hiking Boots for Women

If you’re looking for reliable and perfectly fitting hiking boots for wide feet women, you should check out the Nevados Klon Mid Hiking Boots for Women. It is made of one-hundred percent leather and fabric. 

It comes with a rubber sole, and its shaft is around five inches from its arch. It is waterproof and has an excellent nylon (brushed) sock liner. 

The soles exhibit excellent flexibility that you would surely appreciate. For its price, it is a good buy.


  • Comes at a competitive price
  • Lightweight and flexible soles
  • Comfortable and perfectly fits


  • Doesn’t come with arch support
  • Water resistant but not waterproof

Asolo Stynger Gore-TEX Hiking Boot

Another excellent option if you’re looking for shoes for wide feet women is the Asolo Stynger Gore-Tex Hiking Boot. These shoes are made of fabric and suede leather. You will find these shoes comfortable at the onset of wearing them, and they don’t need any break-in. 

These shoes come with a generous toe box while the heel area stays narrow for the best support for the heel. These shoes also feature a rubberized toe cap, lessening the risk of the onset of a bruise from any impact. 

These shoes are also durable and long-lasting. They have a full tongue and don’t leak when you step on streams. You won’t get cramped on your toes with these shoes, for they provide an excellent level of comfort when ascending and descending. 

You will get the ideal fit for your boots through their lacing system. These laces are ruggedly constructed and come with robust metal hardware.


  • Comes with a rugged build
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Features large toe box and caps are rubberized
  • Comes with a feminine design that offers excellent comfort


  • Relatively expensive
  • The toe cap could have been more durable

KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 Low Height Hiking Shoe

If you want to enjoy your hiking, you need a shoe like the KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 Low Height Hiking Shoe. This pair of shoes is durable and waterproof. If you’re afflicted with plantar fasciitis, I would say this shoe will help assuage the pain and prevent the onset of this inflammation. 

This hiking shoe features a boot opening of around five inches. It is built on the specific form of women’s feet. 

It comes with an EVA footbed that you can’t remove. Moreover, it carries an outside stability shank that offers excellent support for enhanced mobility and superior control. It also features a cushioned collar for lessening discomfort and irritation.


  • Comes with excellent design
  • You can remove its insole if you want customized support
  • Offers excellent waterproofing 


  • Heels might tend to slip out

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wide Width Hiking Boot

Knowing the most recommended hiking shoes for women with wide feet can quickly help you narrow down your options to the best options at hand. Yet, it will also help if you are familiar with the following essential factors to consider when choosing the ideal hiking shoes for women with wide feet:

Knowing the Difference Between Hiking Boots and Hiking Shoes

When selecting hiking shoes, you might get confused about hiking boots and hiking shoes, and some may tell you that they are both the same. However, the difference between the two lies in their laces. 

Shoelaces usually get confined to the foot’s boundaries. On the other hand, hiking boots’ lace extends partway until the leg, providing you with added support. So, if you are shopping around for hiking shoes, it will be best to refrain from buying something labeled as hiking boots.

Backpacking or Day Hikers Boots

When selecting hiking boots, you should also bear in mind the type of hiking you will engage in. If you’re a casual day-tripper, you should only choose a day-hiking boot. You’ll get enough flexibility and mobility with this type of boot. You can also select between high-cut and mid-cut models. 

On the other hand, if you’re an avid backpacker who makes an extensive tour of established challenging trails like the Appalachian Trail, you should have a more durable boot. It should also have a high cut for extra support for your ankles.

Materials and Make

Quality hiking boots usually have full-grain or split-grain leather in their upper portions. They also got synthetic soles. Of course, split-grain, made of cowhide, is less expensive. Nevertheless, it is less durable. Full-grain, however, provides excellent abrasion and water resistance. But they come with a higher price tag. 

Boots with uppers with full-grain leather also need more time to break-in. Besides, you will not find hiking boots that fit perfectly at the onset of wearing them.


The weight of the shoes or boots will factor well in how excellent a pair of shoes will be for you. If you’re a hiker, you will indeed favor lightweight shoes. Yet, heavier shoes provide more protection to your feet. Moreover, they are more likely durable than lighter ones. But you will still find lightweight shoes that do not compromise safety and comfort.

Breathability and Water Resistance

You will surely not want a pair of shoes that is smelly. So, it will help if you go for shoes made of breathable materials. With a higher level of breathability, you will feel more comfortable with the shoes you wear. Moreover, it is also essential to choose waterproof shoes. 

Waterproof is different from water-resistant. Water-resistant items repel water to a certain point. But it will leak after that point is reached. The weight of the shoes or boots will factor well in how excellent a pair of shoes will be for you. If you’re a hiker, you will indeed favor lightweight shoes. Yet, heavier shoes provide more protection to your feet.

Moreover, they are more likely durable than lighter ones. But you will still find lightweight shoes that do not compromise safety and comfort. On the other hand, waterproof means it is impervious to the onslaught of water, which means no water is allowed to penetrate inside.


It is frustrating more often if you end up not being satisfied with the hiking shoes you’ve bought. The thing is, if you got the proper hiking boots, you would feel more confident to hike and not fear having a sore foot afterward. So, you need to choose the hiking shoes carefully you will wear, for it might mean so much difference in your level of comfort and safety when hiking. 

If you know your best options when looking for a hiking boot for wide feet women, you can eliminate those not-so-great options. Besides, you will be more deliberate in your choice and can quickly zero in on the best options at hand. Knowledge is power, and if you know your best options, you can surely make an intelligent buying decision.

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