What To Bring On A Camping Trip With Friends?

Group camping with friends on the mountainside.

Going on a camping trip with your friends can be one of the best adventures you will have with them. However, bringing the right stuff will be required to accomplish that; otherwise, you will have a miserable time. There are many campgrounds, and they may differ in the kind and quality of amenities they offer and the recreational activities you can do. You should know them beforehand so you can plan accordingly and make that list of things to bring.

List of Things You Need To Bring For Group Camping With Friends


Staying overnight means you have to bring a camping tent for shelter. Do not think that just any tent would do because the level of comfort and protection you would have will depend on it. There are different types of tents for you to choose from, such as the cabin-style and dome-style tents that differ in design and style not only for aesthetics purposes but also for practical ones. Look into features and accessories that might offer more convenience or comfort. There are 3-season tents or 4-season tents that will provide protection from the wind, rain, and snow, depending on that time of year you plan to go on a trip. 

The size of the tent is important. Do you want something bigger for everyone to share, or is it just you that will be using it? Make sure that the size of your shelter will be able to accommodate those who will be sleeping in it. You want to be able to stretch your legs and have enough room to move, especially if you are sharing it with your buddies, so consider the height and size of the occupants. Ensure that there is proper ventilation inside the tent. Is there enough space inside for your personal stuff? You can get awnings or vestibules for the things you cannot bring inside, such as muddy or wet footwear.

Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Pads

When you get tired, and you want to rest or sleep, you need a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Having a comfortable night’s sleep is required to have the energy during the day to enjoy the activities you planned and deal with the chores that come with camping. Sleeping bags have temperature ratings, and they also come in different sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy, and double bag. Get the right one that will give you the level of comfort and fit that you want. The pad is often overlooked, but keep in mind that it provides extra protection and cushion from the hard ground. If you want, you can bring an air mattress, but you have to make sure that it will fit inside the tent.

Food and Water

You should bring enough food and water for the duration of your stay at the camping site. Plan your meals and the amount of food you can consume as well as water for drinking and cooking. Do not forget the coolers and ice for your drinks and perishables. Prepare the ingredients and have them ready for cooking to save time. Bring extra propane gas for your portable gas stove and all the cooking paraphernalia, matches, bottle and can opener, knife, and other things you will need. If you are going to use firewood for cooking, make sure you bring enough of it with you, or you can get it at the campground. Of course, having a lighter is crucial in starting the fire, so pack more than one: folding chairs or floor mats you can use while cooking or eating would also be great to have.

Campsite Lanterns

The decorative campsite lanterns are the best things you should bring to create a comfortable and social environment if you plan to do lots of outdoor activities during the night. You can hang them all around the trees to brighten up the whole campsite ambiance at night.

Unless the moon is very bright, it can get very dark at your camping site when you are away from the city lights. You have to bring a campsite lantern with you so you would not have trouble finding your way around the site, especially when going to and from the restroom. It will also allow you to enjoy outdoor nighttime activities and be able to cook and eat dinner without difficulty. Having a campfire or flashlight might not provide enough light for things you want or need to do. A lantern inside the tent would also be useful for fixing your stuff or for having fun with your friends as you play cards or board games. If it is powered by batteries or fuel, make sure you bring lots of extras. If it is rechargeable, make sure there is a place where you can recharge it at the site.

Entertainment and Recreational Materials

What are the recreational activities that the camping site offers? Will you be boating, hiking, swimming, biking, fishing, or kayaking? Check if you can rent what you need at the site or if you have to bring it with you. Make sure you have the proper swimwear, footwear, and other gears that you will need to safely enjoy those activities. Think of fun things to do at night around the campfire as well as inside the tent, such as card games and board games. Without the distractions of your laptop, television, and smartphones, time would surely pass by slowly if you have nothing exciting to do.


The guitar is the best thing you should bring along for campsite social activities and entertainment purposes. You can certainly bring one if you reach your campsite by car or truck. However, it’s a big no-no, if you will hike and walk a long way to reach the campsite.

First Aid Kit

Things can happen beyond your control, no matter how careful you are, so you should be prepared for any emergency. Bring a first aid kit to treat pain, burns, cuts, minor wounds, or injuries. Make sure that everything inside your kit is not past their expiry date. Do not forget your prescription medication if you need them. Get a map of the area so you will not get lost when you go exploring. Observe and follow the rules of the camping site and not do anything or go anywhere that is prohibited. Your mobile phone and spare batteries will come in handy should you need to ask for help.

Clothes and Toiletries

Just pack enough clothes for your entire stay and the necessary footwear. Check if the campground has laundry facilities, so you have the option of washing your clothes to reduce the number of clothing you have to pack. Bring the essential items for your shower and bathroom needs. 

Additional Tips

Since this is a camping trip with friends, planning them together would help a lot so everyone’s concerns and requirements will be addressed and taken into consideration. You can also distribute assignments on what each one should bring or would be in charge of, such as who would set up the tent, carry the items, take turns on cooking and cleaning, etc. In this way, no one would be too tired to have fun and participate in all the adventures you planned.

A day or two before you set off for camping, make sure that you practice how to assemble and disassemble your tent instead of doing it at the site to figure out which part goes where. You can also check it for damage as you do that. You should see if the lantern, flashlight, and portable stove are working as they should. Do not forget the garbage bags, cleaning materials, wet wipes, insect repellant, and sunscreen lotion.

Make a list of what you need and check it twice. Organize your things and pack them properly so you can easily get what you need the moment you need them.

When you reach the site, you should pick a spot to set up your tent that should not be too far or too near the restroom, shower area, and garbage disposal site. There would be plenty of foot traffic at these areas so you might want to avoid them if you want some peace and quiet. However, you should also consider how far you have to walk whenever you need to use these facilities. It would be nice if you would set up the tent where there is some shade. Look for a potable water source for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.


The list of what you have to bring seems endless, but they are all crucial to your camping trip. These days, this type of outdoor activity does not necessarily mean roughing it because all it takes is bringing the right stuff with you to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind that you are there to have a great time with your friends, so if things do not go as planned or if ever someone has forgotten to bring something, just charge it to experience and make the most out of your situation.

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