Things To Do While Camping in the Rain

A woman in the tent during rain.

Camping is one of the best ways to break the monotony of life and while away your time. More often, camping sites are in isolated and far-flung areas, forested and sometimes mountainous. Moreover, often, weather in such areas is unpredictable, and rain may be inevitable during the actual camping days. So, if you are planning to camp in such a place, you should be prepared for rain. 

Rain, however, should not deter you from enjoying your camping. It should also not dampen your mood and make your camping experience melancholic. Instead, you can even turn the rainiest campsite into one of your most memorable camping experiences. 

As long as you have a plan B at hand and you are prepared for the rain, you can always enjoy a rainy camping day. Here are the things that you should do and the possible activities that you can engage in when it rains during your camping.

List of Activities You Can Do During Rainy Camping Trip

1) Play Games or Engage In Inside-the-tent Activities

A real boy scout or girl scout will always be prepared for the worst scenario. A rainy afternoon or night isn’t the worst scenario that you will ever experience in camping. In fact, it can be an opportunity to bond with your fellow tentmates and play some games. Some of the games you can play include card games, travel games, and board games. You can also read a book, play music using your guitar or harmonica, or have playful chitchat with your fellow campers inside the tent.

2) Go fishing

You may think that it is inappropriate and dangerous to go fishing when it rains. Surely, you may be right, and it may be advisable not to go fishing during a downpour. Yet, if it is just a drizzle, then you can always go out and get wet. You can always engage in fishing, and it will be fun. 

You can also easily catch worms for your bait because worms tend to surface when it rains. Thus, they are for easy picking when the ground is saturated with water. But make sure that you put your safety first in everything that you do.

3) Make an Outdoor Living Room

If you expect rain during your camping, you should make a plan for an outdoor living room. An outdoor living room can be easily constructed using two overheads or a tarp. Then, arrange camp chairs and prepare an ambient light. Afterward, you can break out snacks and brews and set the mood with some music or games. 

Outdoor living room, of course, will let you bond and socialize with other campers. It will let you play and engage in other activities and games that will enliven the spirit of the campers. 

4) Enjoy Your Favorite Music

If you have an MP3 or a smartphone with you, you can always while away your time listening to your favorite music. Instead of sulking about the weather, you can always zone out and relax while you wait for the dinner or for the rain to stop. 

If you are the creative type of guy, you can also use this time for composing a song. If you have an acoustic guitar, you can set your smartphone to record mode and record the tune that would come to your mind. Of course, the novelty of the place may inspire you to be more creative.

5) Start Reading

Rainy days are perfect for silent reading. It will be perfect if you grab a book while you munch your snack. The awesome scenery will let you digest better what you are reading. You should bring a book that interests you most, something that will make you smile while you read it.

6) Enjoy the Sound of Nature

The sound of the wild is different from urban noise. You will hear a cacophony of natural sounds that you wouldn’t hear in the urban setting in the wild. These sounds may frighten you at first, but you will get used to them along the way. You can also try to identify each call or sound and figure out which wild animal creates it.

7) Engage in Storytelling

If you have the knack for storytelling, you can gather the other campers and start a storytelling activity. You can tell the most wonderful story you can tell or the most frightening story you can ever conceive of. Yet, it would not be good to frighten your fellow campers, for surely, despite being excited about the camping, they are also apprehensive of what may happen, given the fact that all of you are in unfamiliar grounds. 

8) Play Charades

When the rain is about to dampen the mood of everyone, you can always devise a new game. You can play charades, for example, because everyone gets excited about this game wherever it is played. You can choose specific themes for this game to make it even more exciting.

9) Create An Obstacle Course

You can also set up an obstacle course near your campsite. You can use any material within your campsite to build this obstacle course. Then, you can organize your fellow campers into different teams to start an obstacle course competition. This competition will surely be fun and exciting.


Prepare For The Rain 

Everything is created twice: first, in mind; then, in reality. Similarly, your camping experience is first created in your mind; then, you actualize it during the actual camping. Hence, when you visualize your camping experience, you should make room for a rainy camping experience. This means you should plan for a rainy camping experience. 

Don’t expect nature to cooperate with your plan. But make sure that when nature decides to rain on your camping, you are well prepared for that eventuality. Thus, you should bring with you clothes for a rainy night in the camp. You should also bring with you camping gear for rainy days. Bring with you board games to keep you busy inside your tent when it rains. Moreover, you should think of activities that you can engage in inside the tent.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Wet

If you plan for a hike, you should go for it even if it rains. Unless the hiking trail is too dangerous to tackle when it rains, you should go on hiking. Rain should never deter you from going out of your tent. You should remember that there is always joy in frolicking in the rain. So, put on your rain gear and get out and enjoy nature while it rains. 

Additional Safety Tips on Rainy Campsite

Choose An Elevated or Higher Ground Campsite

If you think that it will rain, you should survey the campsite and choose a location that is a bit elevated than the rest of the terrain. You should not choose a location beside a river or lake, for you don’t want to be waking up underwater when the river expands. Select also a place that positions your tent entrance toward the east or the direction of the sunrise. Avoid setting up your tent under a tree because water will keep on dripping from the leaves of the tree long after the rain had stopped.

Bring Colorful Orange Shirts

If you choose to go out during the drizzle, you should opt for an orange shirt or vest. You surely don’t want to be mistaken for a wild animal by other campers. Moreover, you will be found easily if you wear colorful shirts or vests. So, make sure that you are wearing a bright-colored shirt or vest.

Bring Waterproof Jacket

Another item that you should bring if you think the likelihood of rain in your camping is high is a waterproof jacket. Yet, before you zero in on a particular jacket, you should first know the difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant jacket. Water-resistant jackets can keep you dry during a drizzle, yet, during a downpour, you will still be drenched. So, make sure that your jacket is waterproof. With a waterproof jacket, you can get out to the rain without worrying about overly drenching yourself. 

Illumine the Rainy Night

It will be challenging to move around if all you see is total darkness. Moreover, it is daunting and frightening if you don’t see what is around you. Hence, to lessen your apprehension and limit your imagination, you should light up the night. Make sure before you go for camping that you have brought some LED string lights. You can position these string lights around your tent to drape your tent in light. 

You can also light some candles if you don’t have LED string lights. Moreover, you should not forget to bring your flashlights and an extra set of batteries. You can also attach reflectors along the way so that you can easily find your way back to your tent.

Final Words

Rainy days, of course, are not the perfect days to engage in outdoor activities like camping. Yet, when you are on camping, and it rains, it should not dampen your spirit. Instead, you can always turn the rainiest day of your camping experience into the most memorable experience of your life. The abovementioned tips can help you easily turn a rainy camping day into the most memorable day of your camping experience.

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