3-Day Hike Backpack Size

Group of hikers going for a 3-day mountain hiking trip.

Any seasoned 3-day backpacker, hiker, or camper would undoubtedly affirm that all the gears they would need to focus on when preparing for a trip are the backpack. It is the most crucial thing that can easily ruin a great backpacking or hiking weekend if not planned well or can even result in life-changing consequences. … Read more

Things To Do While Camping in the Rain

A woman in the tent during rain.

Camping is one of the best ways to break the monotony of life and while away your time. More often, camping sites are in isolated and far-flung areas, forested and sometimes mountainous. Moreover, often, weather in such areas is unpredictable, and rain may be inevitable during the actual camping days. So, if you are planning … Read more

Minimal Camping List

Most of us get feverishly excited whenever we are going out for camping. And in our frenzied excitement, we often bring a lot of stuff that we will not truly need. Hence, the concept of minimalist camping is being floated around to help campers pack only those things that they would really need. But what … Read more