How Much Does Rock Climbing Gear Cost?

Things you will need to buy for rock climbing.

The amount you would spend on the necessary rock-climbing gear depends much on the type of rock climbing you would engage in. Rock climbing can be classified into two types: free climbing and aid climbing. Free climbing allows you to use your physical strength to scale any route. In this kind of sport, you only used gear and equipment … Read more

Equipment Needed For Rock Climbing

Climber introducing and lay out his rock climbing gear and equipment on the floor.

Whether you are engaging in rock climbing as a hobbyist or want to compete, you will undoubtedly need some equipment to minimize injury risks while tackling challenging climbing routes. The good thing is, you can purchase various specialized climbing equipment in the market today that can provide you with a specific safety level when engaging … Read more

Best Bouldering Crash Pads for Beginners

Beginner outdoor bouldering climber use crash pad for safety protection.

Not long ago, I was asked by a newbie in my climbing class about the best bouldering crash pads. Obligated, I started enumerating to him the most popular bouldering crash pads in the market today. I also gave him a checklist of the factors he must consider when choosing a crash pad.  Of course, a … Read more

Rope Breaking Strength Vs Working Load

Rope Strength and breaking

Those who are new to rope climbing may assume that tensile and safe working load are the same. Such an assumption will prove dangerous for those who are using ropes because there is a considerable difference between these two concepts. Tensile strength is the necessary force for breaking a rope, and manufacturers figure it out … Read more

Best Mountains To Climb For Beginners

Easy mountain to climb as a beginner.

The ultimate goal of most professional mountaineers is to scale the Eight-thousanders (mountains that are 8,000 meters above sea level or more). There are only 14 mountains on earth that belong to this exclusive group of mountains, and Mt. Everest is one of them. You can find most of these towering mountains in the Himalayan … Read more

Tree Climbing Rope Setups

Methods of setting the ropes for climbing tree safely.

I was reading through a tree climbing forum the other day, and one question that kept cropping up was how to set up a tree climbing rope. As a certified Forest Service Employee who holds a tree-climbing certification card, I know that all tree climbers should undergo training and be certified before engaging in any … Read more