Best Food to Bring on a Hike

When my friend and I had just started our backpacking group several years ago, we needed to brainstorm about the right food we would bring in our backpacking adventures. We had the initial food list that would surely make you chuckle, for the list contained foods that were not suited for backpacking. We’ve matured at … Read more

Best Climbing Rope for Trees

Do you know that tree climbing is a recreational activity that you can engage in if you are desirous of doing something exciting and daring? Some people find tree climbing an exhilarating recreation, and they enjoy the thrill of scaling towering trees. Yet, tree climbing is not meant for all people. It is not easy. … Read more

How To Climb A Tree With Spurs & Spikes

Climbing tree with spurs.

You most probably want to try spur climbing for a change because you’ve seen some arborists tackle a tree with ease and without flinching. Yet, before you even try to imitate the professional arborists and do spur climbing, it will help if you first enroll yourself in an arborist course. The knowledge you would gain … Read more

Tree Gaffs Vs Pole Gaffs

Tree and pole climbing spikes.

Spur climbing may be one of the many methods you can use to climb a tree or utility pole. It makes use of climber gaffs or spikes that you strap onto your lower leg to make the gaff protrudes from your foot’s instep. Thus, if you want to engage in spur climbing, choosing the right … Read more

Tree Climbing Gear for Beginners

Different types of tree climbing gear you will need.

Many beginners excitedly want to engage in tree climbing without first learning tree climbing basics. They think that if they could raise one foot over their other foot, they are good to go. But such an idea is an immature way of trying to learn a new skill, and it is this trial-and-error method of … Read more

Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stands

Different types and models of light and small climbing tree stands.

I often get asked by newbies in tree climbing about the best lightweight tree climbing stands in the market today. But what is a tree climbing stand? Of course, a tree-climbing stand is best for watching or hunting wildlife. It provides you with a comfortable and lightweight platform and brings you more convenience and safety … Read more