Hiking Date Makeup Guide & Tips

Girl with makeup on when hiking with boyfriend.

Have you ever thought about whether you can turn a hiking adventure into a perfect date? Well, if you would ask me, I would say: “Yes, you can, because going on a hiking date with your boyfriend can be an excellent way to build fantastic memories with him.” I would vouch for this idea for some of the most memorable experiences I had with my boyfriend happened during our backpacking adventures. 

If you are still in the “getting-to-know” stage in your relationship, a hiking date would be perfect for getting to know him better. At this familiarizing stage, you need to ensure that you look good during your hiking date. So, in this post, you’ll learn more about hiking date makeup tips. 

Makeup Tips for Hiking Date

A perfect hiking date can deepen your understanding of your beloved. It can also be a fun and enjoyable date, replete with many adventures and intimate moments. Moreover, it can be the most romantic date of your life wherein you can be yourself with your object of affection and get to look at each other more intently. 

Yet, being yourself doesn’t mean that you will not wear blush on or makeup. You should try to look your best even if you want to be yourself. Here are some of the best makeup tips you can follow for your hiking date:

1) Start with your Skin Care Regimen

Even when hiking, you should still cleanse, tone, then moisturize your skin. Thus, you should bring with you a moisturizer that suits the weather and your skin well. Let the moisturizer sink deep into your skin. It will help if you choose a product that moisturizes and primes your skin at the same time. You should also bring sunscreen with you to avoid getting sunburns. Choose something that comes with higher SPF. Make sure that you apply it to your skin every two hours.

2) Add a Tinge of Glow

During the hike, you would like your significant someone to see your skin glowing a bit. To achieve such glowing skin, you can apply a tinted moisturizer or mineral face powder. Don’t directly apply a heavy layer of foundation on your face. But you use and work in layers. The best way to make your face glow a bit is by applying mineral powders even without coverage. Then dust your face lightly with a kabuki brush.

3) Conceal the Natural shadows under your Eyes and Highlight Certain Areas

Concealers are best used to offset your eye’s natural shadows and highlight certain parts of your face. You can apply the concealer to the under-eye area. Your skin around your eyes may also appear thinner, letting some surface veins to be conspicuous. So, to hide surface veins and pigment discolorations, you can apply a bit of concealer on those areas. 

Use a lightweight and flesh-tone concealer. Your concealer should be lighter than that of your foundation. You can use gel-based concealers to let your skin breathe and render your skin a more natural look.

4) Avoid Using Foundation

You need to aerate your pores during your hike. Stick with the concealer to cover the dark spots. Apply only where it is required. You don’t wish to clog your pores with the use of foundation. So, stick with your concealer for more discreet touch-ups. Dab the concealer on the specific blemish or spot to let it blend with your skin.

5) Clear Mascara

It will help to wear clear mascara to make your face look fresh. Avoid dark mascara if you don’t want to have raccoon eyes afterward. You may curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler before adding a clear mascara.

6) Use Tinted Lip Balm

Your lips will surely be one of your partner’s focus during your hike, aside from assisting you in whatever way he can. So, you can use a tinted lip balm to add color to your lips. The tinted lip balm can also add a bit of light color to your lips. 

Of course, you want your lips to stand out to let your partner notice it. Remember that one way to attract a person is to direct his gaze to your lips. However, you must ensure that you choose a suitable shade for your lips.

7) Simple & Energetic Hair Style

My hair is low maintenance hair. So, I engage in as little as possible when it comes to my hair. Yet, if I go on with this hair policy when hiking, chances are, I will get bad hair afterward. Hence, my advice to you is to have a hair plan! When hiking, you should braid your hair. Braided hair is cuter to look at and make your face more pronounced. You can do any type of braids such as French, fishtail, or Dutch.

8) Go for Stud Earrings

You don’t want to wear earrings that may become a problem during your hike. Instead, it is better to stay low key when it comes to earring choice. Hence, you should settle for simple studded earrings. 

Of course, when you are hiking, your boyfriend or partner may not even notice your earrings. So, wear something sparkling. You can wear a pair of sparkling studs that would sparkle when hit by sunlight. Make sure that you wear something low-key but would amplify your appearance.

9) Keep Your Skin Hydrated

The outdoors can leave your skin irritated and dry. You can overcome such woes by using a skin-repairing salve. The Lavender Salve of C.O. Bigelow, for example, can come in handy to alleviate any skin irritation and dryness.  

The thing is, you should keep your skin hydrated during the trek. You can lather up using your favorite moisturizer. You can likewise add a bit of shimmer to increase the natural glow of your skin.

10) Wear Shades

Many guys are fascinated by girls who are hiding in stylish sunglasses. The reason is that sunglasses hide the eyes and add a bit of style and mystery to your getup. So, when hiking, you can throw on stylish sunglasses to minimize sunlight’s impact while adding a bit of style. Moreover, sunglasses can easily hide your eyes from the prying eyes of your boyfriend.


Whether you plan for a short hike or a weekend getaway with your beloved, it is better to ensure that you look your best that day. Besides choosing moisture-wicking clothes, you should not forget to keep yourself looking fresh during the hike. Remember that your special someone will always be leering at you. So, there is no better way to keep him going than to make him see his lovely lady looking fresh and energetic during the hike.

Of course, you have your own way of mesmerizing and tantalizing your partner. Yet, if you are a bit confused about what to do to keep yourself looking fresh and good during a hike, you can always follow the abovementioned makeup tips. By following those tips, you will feel good about yourself while enjoying the experience to create more memories with your beloved.

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