How Many Miles Can You Hike In A Day?

Long distance day-hiking.

Earlier this year, I was challenged by my friend to make a 22-mile trek along the Kalalau Trail/ Napali Coast, Hawaii, and so I started thinking about how long it would take me to finish that 22-mile trail. Of course, an average person can hike 2 to 3 miles per hour. Given this capability, an … Read more

Things To Bring Hiking Overnight

Man hiking at night.

A friend asked me the other day a question about what to bring in an overnight hike! It happened that he was going to Roan Mountain for a two-day, 20-mile massif hike along the North Carolina-Tennessee border, and he was at a loss as to what to bring. As an experienced backpacker, I told him … Read more

Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Running Shoes

Different types of trail-running shoes and hiking shoes.

Slipping on your regular running shoes for a hiking adventure or running on the trail of rugged terrain may lead to a couple of blisters and skin abrasions on your feet. It may sound so finicky or fussy, but the regular running shoes are quite different from trail running shoes and hiking shoes. Unfortunately, no … Read more

3-Day Hike Backpack Size

Group of hikers going for a 3-day mountain hiking trip.

Any seasoned 3-day backpacker, hiker, or camper would undoubtedly affirm that all the gears they would need to focus on when preparing for a trip are the backpack. It is the most crucial thing that can easily ruin a great backpacking or hiking weekend if not planned well or can even result in life-changing consequences. … Read more