Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stands

Different types and models of light and small climbing tree stands.

I often get asked by newbies in tree climbing about the best lightweight tree climbing stands in the market today. But what is a tree climbing stand? Of course, a tree-climbing stand is best for watching or hunting wildlife. It provides you with a comfortable and lightweight platform and brings you more convenience and safety when you are on a tree.

Climbing tree stands of the past are heavy and cumbersome to carry around. Thanks to new technologies and innovative designs, contemporary tree stands are stronger, lighter, quieter, and safer to use. Moreover, they offer a higher level of comfort for climbers.

Most beginner tree climbers think that when it comes to tree stands, lightweight is tantamount to comfort. Yet, this is not the case more often, for although lightweight tree stands imply portability, it doesn’t mean that it would be the most comfortable stand to carry around, nor would it mean that it is easy to use and sturdy. 

It may be lightweight, but if it does not have an ergonomic design for easy carrying, then, it is not comfortable and easy to carry around. Hence, you need to carefully consider your choices before zeroing in on a particular tree stand.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Climbing Tree Stand

You will find myriads of tree stands in the market today, and given these many options, you will more often find yourself confused as to which one to choose. Nevertheless, if you know the following essential factors to consider when selecting a climbing tree stand, you’ll be properly guided as to which stand to choose:


You usually avail of a tree stand because you want a safe platform to stand on or sit on when you are up a tree while waiting for prey or when you are tree climbing as recreation. So, the primary factor to consider when shopping around for a tree stand is the level of safety it provides you. 

Of course, we all know that gravity is unforgiving. Any miscalculation on your part when you up there on a tree would make you fall with a 9.8 m/s acceleration, enough to kill you when you fall. 

It will help choose a tree stand that could bear your weight and your other hunting gear. If it is not sturdy enough, then don’t select it. It will help to choose something that comes with the four-point fall arrest system. This system divides or scatter your weight evenly and comes with straps for excellent safety.

Weight Capacity

Corollary to the safety factor is the weight capacity of the stand. It must bear your total weight, including your gear’s weight. At present, the most popular tree stands come with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs, enough to carry any person for an extended time.  

Platform Space and Seat

When you are hunting from above, you need to be conveniently positioned high on the tree, and for this reason, you need to select a tree stand with an ergonomic design to accommodate your body, whether you are seated or standing. 

With an ergonomic design, you will remain comfortably positioned without any part of your body aching or becoming stiff. It will be useful to select something with a backrest so that your back will not ache after prolonged standing or sitting. If you want a higher level of maneuverability, you should look for a stand that offers more space.

Accessing Locations and Ease of Set-up

Tree stands differ from each other due to their accessibility and the location of their usage. The climbing stand should be easily accessible and is easy to set up. You do not want to have something quite challenging to set up because it needs bolting and hinging. You would want something that you can set up within a short period. 

Ease of Carrying and Packing

More often, you would need to carry your tree stand to the location where you would hunt without the aid of your car. This means you will be on your foot as you access the hunting location. So, you need a tree stand that is easy to pack on your back and transport, something that is portable and lightweight.


When you hunt on top of a tree, you are almost invisible to your prey. Yet, if your tree stand is brightly colored, you are betraying your presence instead of providing you a high level of concealment. Hence, you should choose a tree stand that could camouflage your presence and should come with a stand blind for added concealment.


Another factor that your tree stand should have is noiselessness. It should be snugly anchored on the tree and should not create any noise as you stand or slouch on it. It should also come with a design that doesn’t elicit noise when you are operating on it.

Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stand in The Market Today

Experts hunter and tree climbers have rated the different available tree stands in the market today, and they were all in consensus as to which among the stand brands and models are the best purchases. Below are the top five climbing tree stands according to the experts:

1) Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand

The most popular model of stands is the Viper SD, and it has been popular for almost 17 years. It weighs around 21 pounds and can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It comes with a QuickDraw, a cable attachment system that makes this stand very much appealing to climbers and hunters. With this system, you can easily set this stand up by adjusting for circumference and locking it in place. You would appreciate this stand if you have long been using the nuts and bolts or pin types of stands. 

If the QuickDraw is already a sterling feature, its DeadMetal technology would further thrill you. This technology allows it to operate smoothly and silently. It uses expanding foam filler at the aluminum frame’s critical points to minimize the creaking and metal-to-metal noise. 

Moreover, it comes with a gun rest bar that you wrap around along with a backrest and well-padded seat. It is spacious and offers ease of access. Hence, if you are searching for one of the best tree stands in the market today, you should consider Viper SD.

2) Lone Wolf Assault 

If you are looking for the lightest tree stand in the market today, you should check out the Lone Wolf Assault. It weighs around 14.7 pounds and comes with a slim and folded profile. With its ultra-slim profile, you can easily pack this tree stand without much ado. Nevertheless, it packs so much carrying power with its lightweight build and a maximum capacity of 350 lbs. 

The Lone Wolf Assualt features a cam-action opening that makes it easy to set up. It also includes stabilizer straps, and it is made of cast aluminum with dimensions of 26″ by 19.5” providing hunters with a spacious platform. 

It comes with a six-point harness that is covered by Realtree AP. The harness also features a Suspension Relief System. Moreover, it comes with a contoured-foam seat (same-size) as that of the Climber II, and it features a handy bow holder.

3) Summit Mini Viper SD

If you are familiar with the popular SDX rolled out by this company, you will also like the Summit Mini Viper SD, for it comes as a smaller version of the SDX. It is four inches less than the SDX and is two pounds lighter. Well, this discrepancy in size and weight may not seem that big, yet, if you are going to carry it to your hunting destination, you will feel and see the difference. Of course, it is less spacious for larger hunters, though most hunters find this stand appealing and comfy. 

The Summit comes with the typical system called RapidClimb stirrup, designed for almost any type and size of boots. It is intended as slip-resistant and features SummitLokt Joint welding, a technique meant for stability and strength. It can bear a maximum weight of 300lbs. 

4) Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II

The Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II is another sturdy and high-quality tree stand rolled out by Lone Wolf. It features a design that balances quality and space. It is easy to carry around and is relatively easy to set up. Moreover, it is foldable up to 5 inches. It also can fit trees with diameters ranging from 6 inches to 19 inches. 

Lone Wolf hand Climber Combo II offers a foam (contoured) seat pad for all-day comfort. It is excellent for packing and is portable. When set-up, it features a 30″ by 19.5″ platform, spacious, providing its users with enough legroom. It also weighs around 17.5 pounds and can bear a maximum weight limit of 350lbs.

5) Millennium Treestands Monster

The Millennium Treestands Monster comes with many awesome features that make it an excellent choice. First, it provides you with a 37″ by 24″ platform, giving you enough legroom when you are up the tree. It also weighs around 19.5 lbs. Moreover, its name stands for its spacious dimensions. It also comes with a sturdy stand design along with an aluminum frame. 

Millennium Treestands Monster features a chainlink type floor that prevents you from slipping off. It also comes with a ComfortMAX seat with dimensions of 20″ by 17″ with adjustable height from 16″ to 20.” This seat also folds out. Moreover, it comes with an interlock leveling system. This system lets you angle the platform and the seat up to 15 degrees for easy adjustment according to the tree’s inclination. 

The Millennium Treestands Monster also comes with a Camlock Receiver System that lets you set up the different stands level. This stand is also noiseless with its Silent Hunt Treatment. Besides, its maximum weight capacity is 350lbs. It may be heavy, but its durability and spacious dimensions compensate for its extra weight.     


Having a tree stand from where you can hunt offers many advantages compared to that of hunting on the ground. First, it provides you a better line of sight (LOS), which is essential for your success in hunting. It also gives you better concealment if your stand comes with a camo tree umbrella or blind. Other advantages include better scent control, safety, and mobility when hunting. 

Of course, your choice of a climbing tree stand will either make your hunting easy or challenging. Thus, it is essential to know the abovementioned factors to consider when choosing a tree stand to zero in on the appropriate one for your needs. Lastly, knowing the tree stands most recommended by the experts would get you closer to the right choice.

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